Do you know if your sexual assault prevention program is working? 
We do.

Dimensions Learning is proud to introduce our groundbreaking assessment tool.
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TrueImpact™ In a Nutshell

Discover how your students handle risky situations before they happen

Tune your program in real time to respond to student needs

Available online, in your LMS, or on paper for hand scoring

The first product of its kind available on the market

Track change over time to determine if your program really works

Works with your existing sexual assault prevention program

Frequently Asked Questions

What can trueImpact™ tell me?

With existing sexual assault prevention programs, TrueImpact™ could reveal how effective that program is. Ideally, participant scores would significantly increase between pre and post administration.

Furthermore, as organizations seek to tune and tweak educational offerings designed to reduce sexual assault, TrueImpact™ offers insights that can reveal what kinds of interventions participants need most.

When deployed alongside Dimensions Learning’s course, TrueImpact™ can provide valuable feedback about the efficacy of our course.

How is trueimpact™ assessed? 

TrueImpact™ can be assessed in multiple ways.

Facilitators can conduct a simple scoring with pen and paper, and our instructions help them derive meaningful results in the moment.

Participants can even score their own surveys. Additionally, TrueImpact™ can be posted on a learning management system.

Finally, TrueImpact™ can also be deployed as a standalone web application with multi-dimensions scoring algorithms.

What is the format of the assessment tool?

TrueImpact™ looks familiar and friendly to students.

The tool takes the form of two multiple-choice surveys, each of which has thirteen questions with four possible answer choices. Each question consists of a real-world scenario with possible responses.

Students simply read the scenario and select which response they think is best.

When would i use trueimpact™?

TrueImpact™ is designed to be administered as a pre and post survey after an intervention. These interventions can include but are not limited to a single-session workshop, a member-education workshop, or more substantial academic courses.

Where was Trueimpact™ developed?

Developed with a leading professor of communication at an R1-ranked research university, TrueImpact™ is a natural fit with your existing sexual assault prevention program.

Of course, TrueImpact™ is a perfect match with Dimensions Learning program as well.

What academic backing does trueimpact™ have?

TrueImpact™ was developed in a multi-year, four-part study with approximately 4,000 participants across all phases of research. It relies on the Experience Sampling Method and Situational Judgment Test, both of which are well-established psychographic models in sociology, psychology, and communication.

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